Medication Dispensing System Improves Safety and Security

Provided by Dundas Manor
Medication Dispensing System Improves Safety and Security
Registered Practical Nurses Jennifer Davidson (left) and Melissa Pickup (right). (Photo : Dundas Manor)

Delivering daily medications to all residents in a long-term care home is a complex task. Dundas Manor now has new technology to help.

“Automated Dispensing Cabinets – or ADCs – ensure a single dose of the right drug is dispensed at the right time to the right resident,” explains Director of Nursing Ursula Lamoureux.  “The cabinets are a great addition to our home – for both residents and staff.”

The ADCs are like computerized vending machines, providing pre-packaged single doses of drugs. Each medication is stored in individual drawers and can be unlocked one at a time. Biometrics (fingerprints) are used to access the machine and two nurses are required to re-stock the units to validate accuracy. The technology prevents delays in treatment by having a supply of frequently ordered antibiotics, narcotics, and other medications on-site for quick access.

“Extensive staff education took place before the ADCs were implemented late last year and our team has stepped up to adopt this new system,” adds Administrator Susan Poirier. “These processes simplify how we use medications and increase resident safety.”

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